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(168). BiONAMi and Bastianelli. Lav. del III congresso della soa ital. di med.
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injection); no peritonitis; spleen dark red and much enlarged;
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are given in detail, and as far as may be, their causes, thus affording
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December 20th. — All healed except small area, more an excoriation
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which is doubtless explained, as pointed out by these observers, by
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ness of the latter. But this only in a perfect foot. One
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the bladder, and if the eversion has lasted long encugh to
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urine should be retained longer than usual in the bladder
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epizootic diseases and on parasites are concise, and may be suflBcient-
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eries. A milkman on the way who had lung fever in his
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one patient, formerly an Austrian soldier, is quite indignant at the
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p. m. in the afternoon of the tenth day after her admission to hos-
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assume bizarre shapes. The protoplasm of the polynuclear leucocytes
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Immediate Past President — Gilbert M. Wilhelmus, Evansville
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of the cycle of development. Gradually the parasite increases in
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be no larger individually than a millet-seed (miliary tuber-
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done to reheve, and that little directed to the removal of
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Ernest Anderson, 1601 E. Paulding Rd., Fort Wayne 46816
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dog, castor oil,) and afterward diuretics and sedatives.
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provement will surely follow a generous treatment with McArthur's Syrup, in
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just before his death. The case was regarded as one of low anomalous pneumonia.
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casts of the kidney tubes, containing much spherical
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throw the gravest doubt on the value of the operatioi. as
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appears very like the early stages of conjunction. The slight
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typhoid infections in the soft parts are seen more frequently during
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I lines the amount of its dues. The CMS Auxiliary dues are
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reversible in most instances by proper dosage adjustment, hut are
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tion. Chapter titles cover the benefits of home canning,
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function of its size and the authority with which it speaks on
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was not delirious, but acted queerly. The temperature sank through the night, and