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colored, odorous, or bloody urine, swellings the size of a

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of the red blood corpuscles ; this may be slow or rapid.

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soon as they are quite dried. But the poison of lung

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an example of how journalism can be used as a powerful, positive force in helping to avert the AIDS crisis. The Tribune is

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' . _,, .^ „ ., . „, . ,, „. and causing their degeneration; and that

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ments rich in phosphates of lime and magnesia — bran,

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disease suddenly cut short by full doses of sedatives (lo-


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This splendid young wife and mother was allowed to die, which she

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membrane and as though blocked with macrophages damming back

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2d. Disinfect the surface of all imported animals of a

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temperature was high and continuous, and he had hseraoglobinuria.

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, ,.,, ,• f, ^ J 'nu • muscularis was split in two layers, between

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November Ist^ the temperature rose to 100.6^, and by 8 p. m. on the

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was normal. For five days the morning and evening records were

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Hoffman, Covington; Daniel T. Ramker, Hammond; Shirley T. Khalouf

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Variolain animals. Horse-pox. Cow-pox. Sheep-pox. Goat-pox. Swine-

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toxicity and nephrotoxicity have been reported (see Warning section).

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sessor of sick animals to beggar himself for the public

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before the formation of the splint tenderness may be

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pothesis.-- The well-known fact that enor- beyond our control, a great 'many of these

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maintain the vital functions, and hence speedy death is the

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though it is somewhat less irritating it is equally suffocating.

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For the five years since the introduction of the Brand method, three

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power of a chemical agent, as shown by experiment within a small

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name of a person in HEW who can be contacted for clarifi-

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heart sound. The subjects die yoimg or prove worthless