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the foot and leg were swollen. He had a very dry tongue and was
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amount of lard for sheep ; rub well in). The resulting
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lobular capillaries in the liver, and extensive areas of necrosis, called
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Open-ended opportunity for a General/Family Practitioner,
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The sinus is then to be syringed out freely with tepid
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V. Donahoe, Burgess Publishing Co., Minneapolis, 1973.
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The program will be held on Sunday, Oct. 10, in the Columbia Club from 9 a.m.
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A dressing of carbolic acid (1 part to 50 parts of water or 1
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lives and conduct, and to have these oddities of the human con-
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from National Airport in Washington are included in trip cost. Single: $725: Couple: $1100
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with one end of each resting above the web of the shoe
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color of the membranes of the eye and nose and some
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cHmate, or in the winter season of our northern States
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reached us ; but, on inquiry, its correctness was denied,
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general erythematous blush upon the trunk ; no rose spots.
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We have never seen actual segmenting forms in the circulating blood,
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congestion from a tight collar, loss of jugular, or diseased
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the examination and study of a large number of colonies from these
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We invite all members of the medical family to read about
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beginning of s^mentation before the actual onset of the fever. While
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the legal question involved in the federal subsidization of the
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•Road before the Sontliom 8nrg!cal and Grnecolo^cal Assoolatlon.
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Lime, carbonate, chalk, antacid, astringent: Horse 1-2 oz; 0X2-40Z;
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about the spores, while, as has been stated, numerous observers inter-
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Henbane, hyoscyamus, extract, sedative, antispasmodic : Horse 2 drs ;
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every evening. After thirty injections it ished, and after three months' use of tam-
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of pus cells, many of which showed considerable fragmentation. The
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as described by Sacharow,^^'^ possibly because we have not had so
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by quite a number of them that the pigment was not equally dis-
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we have said, the endothelial cells are much more prone to take up
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repeatedly succeeded at the expense of a severe attack of
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steps for crushing it out. In this way one man can ac-
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may purchase the volumes by writing: AMA, Science & Technology, 535
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they stated that their symptoms had lasted only two days, it is not at all improbable