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data, or true only in a restricted sense and entirely sub-
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touch the cover. If the cover be placed rudely against the drop, and
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of the foot — the misnamed coffin-joint disease. Prossuie
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has a new tubular pressure bandage system. It is con-
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In closing, it bears repeating that the antitrust laws do not stand in the way of physician.s’ participation in hospital peer
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tion, University of Kentucky College of Medicine, Lexington
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Catawba County Society — President, Dr. Dr. J. F. Abel, Waynesville ; Secretary,
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fever, when we come to the microscopical examination of the organ
HEW will notify the public through town hall-type meet-
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Motility was marked, especially in the smaller forms; in the
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Case VIL — C. R., male, aged 33, Pole, laborer in Iron foundery,
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when she went out, nearly nineteen pounds in weight. The friction
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nor have we ever seen any indication of phagocytosis among the
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Don E. Miller, 2828 Fairfield Ave., Fort Wayne 46807 (IM)
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from National Airport in Washington are included in trip cost. Single: $725: Couple: $1100
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was 106*^. By sponging it was reduced to normal. On the 24th at
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windpipe (laryngitis), or the plmrynx or membranous
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out. We have referred to the extensive necroses of the spleen pulp
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winter. The best temperature is usually sixty degrees to
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was extensive parenchymatous degeneration of liver and kidneys.
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they will be charged $5. ;U per hundred, the cost of composition and printing.
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tube, of discutients (weak solutions of iodine). In cystic
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visit he was sweating profusely, but he seemed better and was rational.
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The Relation of Malaria to Cirrhotic Processes, 285
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twice seen chills in connection with pysemic abscesses in the kidneys.
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In my limited experience I have seen so manifest evidence in the first generation of
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or more often an oval vesicular nucleus; sometimes two vesicular
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Dr. Wm. Stekel, of Vienna, relates his ^^,„^_ ^^^ ^j^j^ ^^^^^^ ^f administration is
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over different parts of the world in man, horses, dogs, and
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oblong objects progressing over soil and vegetables by a
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mittees into a joint meeting in which he will give a
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