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weak pulse, weakness, emaciation, and liability to sweat-

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cian in financial need and who meets the criteria listed below, please call

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Curtis) took this calf to his farm to cure it, and kept it

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most frequent sufferer, being more than any other animal

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parasite, Gk)lgi made certain studies, the result of which convinced

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recovery is made. In others it ceases to increase but fails

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sociate at the Krannert Institute for Cardiology, is acknowl-

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ing National Health Insurance proposals based on Social Se-

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ber and December, a well-marked fall b^ins. This table, while it

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depression. Use washes containing tincture of iodine or

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ir in a hot biiilding or with full paunch, 70 ; sheep, goat

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])otassium,) and when the inflammation has somewhat

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Dean D. Dauscher, 5717 S. Anthony, Fort Wayne 46806 (GP)

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oncology unit at Massachusetts General Hospital and

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stomach may be soothed by ice, iced warter, prussio acid,

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Turning in of tlie eyelashes ; a common cause of inflam

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(Creosote Carbonate— Von Heyden.) (Qualacol Carbonate— Von Heyden.)

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functional analysis done by the Committee had been excellent and the introspection was also good.

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Association or of a component county society, nor shall

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(ammonia) producing power of the tjphoid bacillus, as op|)oeed to the acid produc-

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once reaching 102.6®. The spleen did not enlarge ; there were no rose-

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received from professional corporations will be placed in a separate fund and will be used for political education.

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use may result in overgrowth of nonsusceptible organisms, including fungi.

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that he cannot rub the part. If a vein is lost in the neck,

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(3). The a^estivo-aiUumnal parasite passes through a cycle of devel-

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grasped, drawing it downward and out- ^^^^^ ^^^ be mentioned. A slow, tedious

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Taiwan vaccine is not specifically recommended for persons over the age of 35 years, it is not contraindicated for

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I have read the entire application, agree to its terms, and certify the information is correct.