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of increased phagocytosis which one observes in the cases of sponta-

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never seen these solid blocks of pigment in tertian or quartan fever,

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eration (cirrhosis). It is attended by the same symptoms

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and its cheesy degeneration ; in rheumatism there is httle

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Symptoms. If the neck is involved the urine dribbles

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Hospital, September 21st, 1893, complaining of a severe pain in the

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pigment. The spaces between the liver cells and the capillary walls

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of vital resistance in the body until the whole economy is


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oil of tar to 40 parts castor-oil or lard wiU usually suffice,

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the heel and brought out at the body of the frog, but as

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are readily made out. In the first place, they show a much sharper

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was a small hemorrhage beneath the mucous membrane, projecting

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The hydropathic treatment, by a i-ug wrung out of water

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I freely confess that the seeking of the point at which medicine

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bags or their lives from sudden weaning of their lambs,

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7th, 1894. The history of her illness at that time is as follows : —

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bert A. Selenkow, M.D., associate professor of medicine at

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implicate adjacent lymphatic glands, or to produce a con-

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tion and Bylaws. The office of secretary and treasurer

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ive or passive, especially that form follow- tury. Whatever be the character of the

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bladder; mtUtiple miliary absceeaee of kidney due to the typhoid baoU-

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Comj: Archivee G^ndrmles de Mtiecine» 1848 (?), 8rd Volame.

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or blood effused into the substance of the liver may be

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greater security of hold, that they shall be tied together

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monium, lobelia,) used to relieve the oppression. If a

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physician's background and the circumstance(s) or reason(s) that he

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for some time, the rapid loss of flesh is most surprising. A

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C. Bailey will discuss “The Antiarrhythmic Properties of

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Ninth Avenue at Colorado Boulevard • Denver, Colorado

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twice. There has been no expectoration. The breath sounds at the

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ethical issues involved in both allowing and denying psychiatric

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