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Our own investigations have been carried on in thei Pathological

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bodies lie closely crowded in different planes so that they can be

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The bill’s ban on certain contractual relationships between

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with all manner of septic products, is but an invitation to

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of the red corpuscle itself. The corpuscles in which these bodies

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and dropsical swellings. The pulse, at first strong and

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staff, medical consultant, and prepare sanctioning document,

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able in the teat and up into the gland. From polypus in

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in limited quantity in conjunction with roots and potatoes.

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— Each district society shall adopt a Constitution and

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not be pushed to the same extent. In rheumatic eases,

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T i\j- E- 1 /A • T 1 r .1 ^. In amenorrhea and dysmenorrhea, in

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There were old tuberculous lesions in both lungs. In the left a

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fection, so soon as the tissue is injured, inflamed, and lowered

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tis. Croupous enteritis. Inflammation of the rectum. Diarrhcea, scour-

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Treatment is not satisfactory, though the use of antisep-


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PHOTO-ENORAyiNOS to Illustrate accepted articles wll be made free of charge, if proper drawings or neg^

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Alexander S. Williams, 436 W. 25th Ave., PO Box 119, Gary

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we have been unable to find other forms in the blood than crescents,

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On June 9, 1986, the U.S. Supreme Court (in a case titled Bowen v.

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groups of chains ; sometimes the streptococci lie within the protoplasm

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It also affords much relief in chronic ne- It also attacks gall-stones with much force

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the Highlands of Scotland, the Channel Islands, Brit-

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This is often sprained at its lower part, and esiJeciaUy

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bilities of infection. That it requires care, vigilance, intelligence,

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Chlorine gas, set free by pouring sulphuric acid on com-

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its name implies, a valuable and reliable adviser in the many cases oi

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other, any slight thickening is easily recognized, and ii

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different parts of the world, and do so still ; but no one

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appearance rather of a fleshy material than of horn. If

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tery effusion. The pulse becomes weak, with a peculiar

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cations of the haematozoa of paludism are more easily understood

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Kayer and Bellingham supposed these parasites to be

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This is occasionally the seat of simple dropsical efFusion,

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peutic effect for about 12 hours. Nearly one-half of the

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Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York City.