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Treatment. At the onset of the disease nothing succeeds
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exposure to sick animals, and that all efforts to get rid of
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medical societies, and no county medical society shall
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about her condition. Though very ill, she had been somewhat better
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li the ear is reached the head may be pulled by it, till the
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epipen dose; second count, 3,970,000 to the first examination, 40 per cent. ; second ex-
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nance, whitish, foetid dung, and much yellowness of the eye,
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ing, from whatever cause, should be allowed to run over
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personal, tangible or intangible, including by way of illustration but not limitation, the power to consent to or
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with variable success. All may do well in young horses with
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Jones, “Criteria for Hospital Admission of Patients with Acute
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periphery of the necrosis. We are inclined to regard the areas just
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A contagious eruptive fever, attacking cloven-footed
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gracefully, that it is certainly refreshing to ous Collargolum injections.
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Taken all in all, we consider it the best manual on this subject that
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fever. The attack was very severe, and the baths had very little
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meet at least once each quarter of the calendar year,
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these represented the filaments observed by Laveran and Richard.
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of the crack by screws not exceeding a line in length ; a
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has been infected with this disease during the past year,
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late forms have any relation to the similar appearances produced
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rected toward the heart by its movements. High-bred
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respirations quiet, ten to the quarter ; pulse regular and full, twenty-seven to the
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before, and it seemed as if convalescence had b^un. Though he felt
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flammation of tte liver capsule, the region of tLe last ribs
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redness of the membrane of the nose, and high fever, the
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present in undue amount in a given quantity of uriue they
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third of the clavicle was most frequently as a certain preventive. The use of the
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Chlorine gas, set free by pouring sulphuric acid on com-
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federally funded. There is a $5 .00 minimum charge per visit but don’t deny care because of inability to pay. Refer cases to
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The exhaustion of an entire edition of a standing of even an unusually lucid text-