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Carcinoma of the Breast, Surgical Treatment of (Batters-

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Policy, Planning and Statistics Division (vacant) 320-8333

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menting bodies of the tertian type, with fifteen or more segments ; large, transparent

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tinguishable. Transfusion direct was again resorted to with the

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'•Lobar Pneumonia," by ville, N. C 10 ^^■^■> Goldsboro, N. C. . 78

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• Possible return to use of orthopedic and adaptive devices.

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intermixed with fewer oval, spindle-shaped nuclei. In other words,

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certain indigestible and easily fermented ahments, such as

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was normal. For five days the morning and evening records were

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Quality Assurance Program: College of American Pathologists

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opening, and which may be easUy felt. In mares sponta-

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heart may be detected. Percussion causes flinching or even

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lambs daily. For the intestiaal parasites, a teaspoonful

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are small colorless bodies (Plate I, 1, 2, 3, 4) which fill but a small

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nation or neutralization must be reckoned among the observations

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kind described^ forming veritable casts. These cells must exercise

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a) Dr. Howard reported that 76% of COPIC insureds are CMS members. 924 are not CMS members. He added that in

flexeril schedule drug class

1 gall, water). Clean the buildings, clothes, etc., as for

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and apply fresh lard to prevent a second adhesion. It is

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than the so-called intra-uterine douche, as all douches appertaining^

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protects the whole system against a second occurrence of the

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male climacteric and male impotence? Article discusses the psychophysiological and

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