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in the terminal end of the urethra and its papillse on the

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and to repeated inoculations with virulent liquids which

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hot water to the abdomen, should all be re- capable of devitalizing the tissue elements,

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BadEt, 1891, IX., 403; 429; 461. A collection of articles, most of

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was more advanced, and the edges of the ulcers very hsemorrhagic.

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Alternates: George Lukemeyer, Indianapolis; Ross L. Egger, Daleville; Alternates: Thomas C. Tyrrell, Hammond; Marvin E. Priddy, Fort

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as long as he chooses, from pricks with thorns, needles

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Before the days of Jenner this was employed for small-

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A ScleHtlflc Blending of True Santil and Saw Palmetto In a Pleasant Aromatic Vehicle.

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for those on a diabetic diet. Written by an author who has

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dition. Drain aU wet pastures, shelter exposed ones.

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Fredrick R. Abrams, M.D., Director, the Center for Applied Biomedical Ethics,

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numb. She says the hands ache like toothache. Joints not swollen ;

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phenomena of fever. The same may be said to hold in the

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tunate results that follow such a condition, place.

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their most perfect stage of development. He denies that the flagel-

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of leather or other material with a spiral spring wire in-

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made possible the great discoveries of modern bacteriology. Indeed,

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bore; in pigs and dogs, tartar emetic), or if there is much

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more fully discovered, do we begin to apprehend the full

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ing aggravated by exertion, weak, irregular, intermittent

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