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There is dullness, sluggishness, raised back, hurried breath-
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appreciate the needs of educating the profession and public to ap-
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agents should be clean and dipped in a solution of carbolic
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that resisted exposure to the diseased lungs been after-
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Clinically the presence of hyaline casts prolapse. By care he found the two con-
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After the greater part of this article had already gone to the press,
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glass be used. The affection usually gives way readily
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no comments, for the case requires none excepting congratulations
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function tests should be performed. The usual adult
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may be that elderly and indigent patients will be restricted
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Peculiar Features,” L. D. Waterman, M.D., Indianapolis, 1876.
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little as possible. By packing off* areas of exposure with sterilized
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development of the body these three portions remain quite clear and
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Write Alton Ochsner, M.D., P.O. Box 1109, Madison, Wis.
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imported disease-germ no abuse was capable of produc-
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in very large numbers in malarial r^ions. One of these, the Amoeba
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been deaf for four days before coming into hospital, and that he had
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By-and-by, dropsical swellings appear in the limbs and
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cure, not kill," and his reasoning is scouted as the " logic
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(11). DocHHAKN. Zur Lehre von der Febris Intermittens. St. Petersburger Med.
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volume is devoted to Treatment, both pre- with Especial Reference to Renal Sur-
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in cattle. Indigestion in oxen. Indigestion in calves, lambs and foals.
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crescent, the plasma mass at the point of conjunction between the two
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organism has a more hyaline appearance, and the distinction between
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streptococci had disappeared from the spu- further, no physician who does obstetrical