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they should be as frequent in the bone-marrow as in the spleen. The

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less reprehensible, as the poison is more subtle, more dif-

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No. 3), whereas the smaller groups require the aid of the one-twelfth

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The most satisfactory color, upon the whole, for the staining of the

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bases. The heart sounds are rapid, but clear. A number of spots

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It will thus be seen that, in these instances, the percentage of cases

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All experience with this plague shows that it spreads

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might be easily controlled ; but when slaughter houses

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Finally Grolgi ^**^ has studied the aestivo-autumnal fevers at Rome,

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the final sterilized product will be deficient in the essential

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Adopted a resolution that provides for the leadership and staff of the CMS to develop a cadre of education programs,

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attend oflScially must be excluded from all suspected herds.

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Low power: central mass brownish and granular; periphery paler,

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tion because of its being harbored also in the human intes-

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and on the difference in the power of resistance in different

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subject treated from a clearer point of view, diagnosing and treat-

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cially the left side, but it hangs downward, has no absolute

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ip 272 (sulfamethoxazole and trimethoprim ds 800 mg / 160 mg)

spects and last come the herbivora witli their enormously

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In 29 cases hyaline bodies alone were present on admission, ovoid

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sick, had all been a year or more in the place before the

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Inquiries should be directed to: The Wright Institute of

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days in summer, and from ten to twelve in winter. Then

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disposed to or in the incipient stage of Tuberculosis ; aar' for nervous over-

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of otolaryngology, Johns Hopkins University School of

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search group. 2 In previous studies, 3 both chloral

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carcasses ; putrid, stagnant or iced water ; musty, putrid

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cheek by applying cold water or ice to the head, as well aa

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The earliest forms of the tertian parasite b^in to appear in the

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posium titled “Blood Components and Their Use” that is

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(4). The length of the amoeboid impigmeTUed stage, which, in the

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First ascertain its position, then if it cannot be reached l)j

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body assumes especial importance when considered in connection with

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country or herd by a diseased animal or some of its in-

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Economic Problems. All families, no matter what economic

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Denver via Delta Airlines at 8 AM on Wednesday, April 29th and return at 1 PM on Sunday, Mar 3.