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Hoffmann,! referring to the previous investigations of Wagner,
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tation. 2. Appetite is not lost, only depraved, and the
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everywhere soft ; there were no rose-spots ; the spleen was not pal-
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still more beneficially by securing in it a sympathetic heal-
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] riments the author is led to agree with Poy- gland weighs about 12 gms. at birth. In
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(a) The Bliss-\ille distillery stables are alleged to have
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Physical examination. The patient was a large, well-nourished man ; thorax and
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other causes it may retaia its natural color and odor.
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Inflammation in tissues unprovided with blood-vessels
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not ulcerated. There were only two shallow ulcers in the caecum.
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grain, etc., grown on such land, for several years after.
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yet cultures from it showed the typhoid organisms alone. In Case
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provoked by exposure of the blood to a low temperature. He notes, as
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Consultation Center. The hotline is staffed by pharmacists ready to assist
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upper arm. On the 11th many of the rosenspots on the abdomen were
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the surrounding red corpuscles, which they sometimes seem to seek to
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ter Center at Indiana University and the Bloomington Hos-
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cine, and director. Division of Renal Disease, Ohio State
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of the Principles of Medical Ethics of the American
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tion that its law dealing with medical neglect is consistent with
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cytes, and he states that it should not be called pus.
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In the cases due to a specific disease-germ, or contaguim,
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I of retroversion. After curettage, 12 wo- food and improves the general nutrition,
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