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substance, is the nucleolus, while the clear substance represents the

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Regarding the cases in which the typhoid bacillus was present in

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Though calling for universal and mandatory coverage, the

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ing bodies were not noted. The fully -developed organisms, however, were not as

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gorgement of the pelvis is favored after patient was circumcised before he was

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And later observations have tended strongly to show that these

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near the elbow-joint, there is a slight prominence. The right tibia is

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Fig. 2 — ^Taenia Echinococcus magnified (Cobbold'

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.was given subcutaneous injections of salt solution. The pulse was

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Boll, del B. Accad. Med. di Roma, 27 March, 1892, Anno XVIII,

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as an ISMA member physician or professional corporation are eligible to add to your protection through

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fields to which no cattle have access, and at once plough-

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Simne suffer severely from a thorn-lieaded worm (Echin-

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terior nares, or the nasal passages may be tions as fairly representative of the present

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parasites and pigment in the cerebral capillaries. The parasites

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is in any need of seclusion during the process, as there is no

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small pellets at a time. There is special fullness and

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heat are rare because of the depth of the lesion. In cases

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moist earth or on vegetables, and the eggs, escaping from

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To bring the ends together accurately, it may be nec-

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in Malaria. Boston Med. and Sorg. Joomal, 1894, CXXXI, 478.

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inent and glassy, the muzzle dry, a clear or frothy liquid

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cape by the kidneys in Azotsemia. Beside the passage of

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how a diffusion of germs, by a general inoculation with the

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published a very clear and accurate plate of a s^menting form

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authorized district society in each Trustee district shall

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from five to six minutes^ washed in water, and mounted.

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of the pathologist were as follows : cember 27th. His convalescence progres-

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was that every dealer's stable became sooner or later a

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ation of the pulley over which it plays, but, in the adult,