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Carbolic acid, sedative, anodyne, astringent, antiseptic, disinfectant:
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Madura, James A., M.D. (Small Bowel Obstruction and
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IV* — Diarrhoea* — In 41 cases the bowels were loose ; in 33 cases
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alternate delegate; Dr. James M. Kirtley, Crawfordsville,
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laid by the undermined mucosa (overhanging ulcers). At the ileo-
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rheumatism. Free secretion from the skin is beneficial
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secondary impotence. Patients received a series of placebo then Android-25, or
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Donald P. Cobb, 1401 South River Rd., Evansville 47715
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present merely in the shape of altered red corpuscles, giving a smoky
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You will not be assessed a FINANCE CHARGE if you pay the New Balance Total by the Payment Due Dai
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scribed areas of liver tissues, in which the protoplasm and nuclei of
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cultured from ill persons in the metropolitan Denver area, in Colorado Springs, in Boulder, and in one elderly
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Chas. B., aged 17 (Hosp. No. 10663). The attack was severe,
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