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terations in that Uquid as in Malignant Anthrax, Purpura
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beneath the loins. Fracture of the croup. Injuries to the bones of the tail.
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disorders, especially those of the digestive or respiratoiy
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lay it freely open with the knife and treat like an ordinary
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mitted to hospital December Ist, 1894, complaining of inflammatory
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of oil of turpentine, copaiva, creosote or carboKc acid
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Scalp Diseases. theil's skin service at Lebanon Hospital.
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bone on the surface : — 8th, any exudation on the outer
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takes place in multilocular cavities connected with the
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ciency. Antisclerosin for 3 weeks without to Antisclerosin. No more complaints of
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18th. Temperature has been about 98^ for the past twenty-four hours, pulse 72,
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Among the complications may be men- tors," she tried several different kinds of
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out crutches. He left the hospital May 9th very greatly improved
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The trained agency staff are full time professionals who are
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months of December, January, and February, only two cases begin-
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tinued to complete the softening. If suffocation is threat-
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diseased lung and stuffed it into the nostril of a sound
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Severe attack ; seventy-three baths to July 28th. Enlarged spleen ;
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r , .• ^T I . ii tubercle. The cells in the second layer
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representation. 17 components have two delegates or less. Give every society one delegate. Then cut percentage of other
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fluids in different parts of the body, with a tendency to
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better, by the virus that has been sterilized by heat.
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one who has read this article. If we now add the fact
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stock ranges. That this is inevitable, though slow, at the
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of death which are in reality due to sepsis. That suppuration in opera-
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The Kidney. — ^The lumina of the convoluted tubules in the laby-
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Clayton L. Scroggins Associates of Cincinnati will conduct the program on such
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most cases it requires close inspection in order to see them with the
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have never seen the act of phagocytosis performed under the micro-
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swelling and drum-like resonance of the abdomen. When
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milk, male-fem, etc.,) and burning both it and the sheep's
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cases. In proof of this latter statement I would cite the words of
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tude, it should be borne in mind that to early noon of human life,
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doomed, and as such animals would, for obvious reasons,
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equally essential. A cool, clean, airy stable and cleanli-
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forward without much terror or disorderly movement, open
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temperature than that of the body, the crescents rapidly change into
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requirements. Daily requirements are best administered
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great privations, with the additional drawback of the
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143 i)ound8, and at the time of his discharge, March 15th, nearly
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and cutting of the teeth, when recurring inflammation of
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The products of imperfect metabolism are promptly elim-
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Schreiner, Richard L., M.D. (Respiratory Problems in
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the limb and life of the patient. I am sure that I am not alone in
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We have distinguished three varieties of the malarial parasite :
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before this time careful notes or drawings were made, which enabled