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according to the direction. If in a line with the course of
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was mild, and convalescence was thought to have set in. Acute
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small orifice below and heal like an ordinary wound. To
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Precautions: Blurred vision may be a significant symptom that warrants a
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On the 22nd, at 3.45 p. m., the blood showed but a few small, hyaline, ring-shaped
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There are two distinct conditions occur- Protracted labor, and is about to leave the
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affected hairs, while the sound ones are unaffected. The
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Treatment. In aU animals alike, a laxative (aloes, horse ;
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of uraemia with dropsy, or of some other affection which
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matoxylin to 100 of absolute alcohol) which is as old as possible.
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face between the eyes or just beneath the eyes, and occa-
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millimetre, was found ; the operation was very extensive ; only the
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of fresh blood. A Winkel microsoopey objective, 1/14 (oil immersion), ocular, 4,
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Treatment. If from an inflamed wound after bleeding,
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of this Association, and the secretary of the society shall
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The National Fire Protection Association has available for
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The ulcers increase in number and depth, often invading the
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this side of the Atlantic. — The Country, Ttondon, Eng.
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no time had he typical wrist-drop. He had no severe pains which
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and not irr^ular. There is no strabismus. She moves the left
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diy and scurfy. The wool loses its brilliancy and comes
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Double Nephropexy, Curet- -with a Report of a Case, son, M. D., Wilson, N. C. 12
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circus doctor, board member and clown. Those wishing to
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the treatment of the ptomain poison, we have in the transfusion of
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the cases from January to August of 1894 represent a much larger
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where there is a constant tendency to dis- believes that pressure of the anterior s'houl-
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cells, multiplying, form a thin layer of embryonic tissue
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and accompanied by injections of warm water. If no re-
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the maintenance of free action of bowels and kidneys, by
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reached which is exceedingly tender, the patient flinching
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In large quadrupeds there is a monthly increase of four to
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red, thick, softened or even ulcerated. The protrusion