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West Valley Networking Groups

PLANTINGSEEDSAZ.COM (Meets 2nd Friday of every month) 12:00-1:30 Lunch & Refreshment provided, Key note speaker, Fun theme at every event, Music & Photos Percentage is donated to local charities at every event (see save the dates page on home page) $25.00 Lunch only or $50 Includes a listing in PLANTINGSEEDSAZ.COM (link your website & Deals)

West Valley Chambers Of Commerce

Glendale Chamber of Commerce- 623-937-4754 (Glendale)
Southwest Chamber of Commerce- 623-932-2260 (Avondale, Goodyear, Litchfield Park, Tolleson)
Peoria Chamber of Commerce- 623-979-3601 (Peoria) Surprise Chamber of Commerce- 623-583-0692 (Surprise, El Mirage, Youngtown, Sun City)
Buckeye Chamber of Commerce- 623-386-2727 (Buckeye)
Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce- 602-495-2195

Future Farmer Networking Group

Westside Take Charge Future Farmer Networking Group Let’s Celebrate Life Today “At The Beach!”Read more...

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