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taken from one of the white nodules, the second from the intervening

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create difficulties in holding a successful convention at

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ances. Many of them contain small fragments of straw-colored blood

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animal plague in 1859, set herself vigorously to the work

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These animals sometimes contract Small-pox or Sheep-

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Respiration is clear ; the splenic flatness is practically obliterated by

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If we exclude cattle, etc., from an infected country it

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spaces and the focal necroses or the capillary thrombosis. Nor was

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containing the tertian parasite. On the other hand, the infected cor-

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but in the more acute and severe, intense and even fatal

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by a natural selection the survivors have the diseas' in a

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here and there, liver cells. Secondly, those in which the round cell

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The community is rural, with a population of approximately

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nuted when broken into several pieces ; and compound when

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though, the Board probably sees only the tip of the iceberg in terms of identifying those physicians who, at any given time, are

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During the past year, after an unbroken series of sixty-four

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dials not stiff. The abdomen was soft ; nowhere tender. The edge

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lor diseases of the uric ncid diathcsu , Lambcft's Lithiatcd Hydrangea

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upwards to the lower portion of the chest. A few bright red papules

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apphed to the neck or limbs if there seems to be effusion.

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comparably larger than any lethal bacteria, continue to find

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ering of veterinarians at Philadelphia in 1876, and at fre-

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blood-vessels are found distended to their utmost capacity

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catheters provided with a solid head should be used. The internal