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Still another fact favors this view. "With some disease-

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ask any of our readers interested in nose and throat work, who may

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in the centre, and, indeed, until this liquefaction has ex-

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head between the wings, ruffled plumage, and enormous

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insure a more prompt report of every case of illaesa,

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bacillus to the blood in human beings in this class of cases.

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1892. The family history was negative. She had never had previous illnesses,

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bers from eating their anthrax horses. Mosquitoes and other

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cal Examiners, and publish notice in local newspaper.

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is the one essential cause of mange, yet others conduce to

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the body, grow out into long waving branches, forming

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In examining the mouth draw out the tongue and turn it

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Borax, nerve sedative, uterine stimulant: Horse 2-6 drs; ox ^-i oz;

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and foot-drop, the patient appeared at my clinic a few weeks ago

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good newsletter is to have a central theme. Then, be sure to

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On their arrival by boat or rail some are sold directly to

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mules. It may be due to a great variety of causes, as di-

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of as summarily as if in the acute stages of the disease.

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swelling had lessened, the pain was better, but there was still redness.

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nearly all kinds of diseases for which it has been administered. The most dangerous

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the 16th, when it began again gradually to rise, reaching 102.4*' at 6 a. m. on the

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The blood examination shows a marked diminution in the number of

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of defense for health affairs. Dr. Smith, who served as Presi-

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demanded. In severe forms with descent of the fetlock,

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The Endodontic Department would be pleased to cooperate with patients so

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flammatory affections there are characteristic phenomena

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us in distinguishing, sharply, the fevers associated with the aestivo-

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stitutional dyscrasia with internal deposits, and hence its

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typhoid fever, a very typical attack. He was, however, very rest-