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later by a relapse, the fever recurring in the first in six, in the latter

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may be resorted to the medicinal diap/ioretics. Among

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cases the fresh cows came from the country and went to

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water or steam, it is a simple and easy process, if intelligently and

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oatmeal will even affect the human being. New oats,

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parts of the skin (anus, vulva, udder, sheath, hps, eyehds,

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husband of the patient, and refused because he had promised her to

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Association at the time of his death and that services for

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the emanations from marshy inundated soils, or from

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condition, with a painless induration remaining in the affected area.

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subject of Heredity to which I shall devote It is a law of nature that the most highly

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Australia and South Africa than in any other part of the

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and will not be, released to another person, health care agency, government institution, insurance company, employer, or

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organ and allowed pure sterilized water to run through till it re-

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those who are intimately acquainted with the structure of

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and if both are of their natural thickness, the shoes are

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the other, according to the relative activity of the para-

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The second annual Richter Lectureship will be held at St.

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the 30th, the stool passed at 7 p. m. contained about 160 cc. of dark,

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There is a reason for this. This (Fig. 2) photograph of the hand

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gates shall submit such question to the members of the

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the association in an official capacity and who have


with Elliott M. Stein, M.D., assistant professor of medi-

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The following morning the patient was somewhat better; the

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intensified oxygen would oxidize the chemical products, and

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the bones a complete recovery need scarcely be looked for.

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# May be taken immediately after meals or between meals

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determining a constant extension of the colonies of bacilli.

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cumulation of its chemical products ; it remains alive and

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value, and the calories of each serving or unit. Ms. Donahoe

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months to three years death puts an end to the suffering.

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or sometimes more, slightly granular and non-motile, without peri-

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windings of a river (Tweed) and without any ostensible

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