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produce at once general fever with little local inflammation

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Those people receiving antibiotic drugs will especially welcome Robert’s Sweet Acidophilus milk, for

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with loss of substance, and in the parenchyma of the liver proper

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pulses are especially indicative of heart-disease. The

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It would seem then from post-mortem evidence that the sources

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Hiaemoglobin. — Rossoni ^*^^ studied the variations in the percentage

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and will in future devote his whole time to the Sanatorium.

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85 per cent., reds 4,640,000, whites 5,150. pepto-mangan, a tablespoonful three times

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which so frequently has a uterine origin, is often promptly relieved

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Drugs in the Treatment of M. D., Asheville, N. C. . 166 ^- °-' ^- ^■' LL.D., Sy-

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September 9th. — ^Yesterday at 4 p. m. the temperature rose to

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Dr. Charles A. Hunter, Jr., chairman and professor of

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and he looked collapsed; the pulse was rapid and feeble. He had

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carcinoma of the prostate and in carcinoma of the male