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upon the malarial parasite, it is materially less efficacious than quin-

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and bowels, loss of appetite, bloating, rumbling in the

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In regard to this reverend gentleman's views on abortion, the fol-

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part of the bowel were only slightly swollen. Banning about a

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terminating the disease is most seriously retarded, if noi

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foot, tendon or fascia,) and above all from the absorption

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denies, however, the assertion of Bignami, Bastianelli and March-

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pressure. Pressure upon the ureters may contracting the blood vessels, the size of

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In dealing with the tertian organism, we have found that a moder-

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■ readily available in both hospital and local pharmacies

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In simple inflammation, without eruption or discharge,


ii; and long-time CMS A member, Catherine's honor is

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pregabalina lyrica english

sponged every three hours since her admission, and to-day (January

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extreme tenacity, and a gradual progress from its point of

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some cough, but no expectoration. Appetite good ; state of bowels

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The endothelial cells lining the vascular spaces are evidently pha-

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were never at any time symptoms of typhoid fever. The sphincters

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• infected burns, skin grafts, surgical incisions, otitis externa • primary

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the nearest communicating lymphatic glands. Both may

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other necessary sanitary and therapeutic Its effect was very slow, probably because

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September 16th. — Left 1^ is doing well ; slight sero-purulent dis-

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more than 1,200 investigational compounds in clinical

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volunteer physician and teacher for the Mennonite Christian Hospital in Hualien, Taiwan,

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tle trade from the South as Avell as from the West we

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Microscopical Examination. — 7%e lAver. — The malarial pigment is

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1957 Sophie E. Rabinoff, M.D. '13 — for distinguished attainments as teacher