quiet walking exercise. If the affection appears purely

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This results from the general causes above mentioned

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feeding on dry, fibrous, indigestible elements (bleached with-

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Tliis is based on the same principle with the last, only in

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km all cattle in herds where the disease was known or

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in a district, they will appear very small inasmuch as it

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rigid forms, and whip into active motion small bodies (cells,

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the society, showing why such recommendation should

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Gary Broetzman, Assistant Director, Office of Health and Environmental Protection 320-8333

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Most of our patients do not neglect their body bath. Where they do

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in two years. Starting salary negotiable. Send C.V. Box #409,

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' AMA-ERF is our fundraising challenge. We have a "coun-

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disappeared coincident with the disappearance of the pus, though in

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will go into a fund, established by CMS, to be used for medically indigent care.

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tions within which it is possible to deter- condyles and epecondyles of ^he humerus

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Movement of the joint will also give rise to symptoms of

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was most strongly represented. In no case have we seen complicated

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inouth, inside the lips, on the dental pad of the upper jaw,

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accredited medical school in Indiana. [Students who

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other parts and organs, and this very diflTerence between those bac-

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Various restrictions, limitations and changes in reimburse-

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about the 15th day of the fever. The temperature range was from

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toe of the shoe is more worn than other parts owing to the

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The correction of any existing disorder in the lungs, liver

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hay of other kinds, to the extent of thirty pounds and up-

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He has always been a healthy man. He has been ill for eleven

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The clinical and anatomical details are given in Dr. Blumer's paper,

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The cases number ten out of a total of sixty oases admitted between

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Resolves that the Colorado Medical Society support legislation to adopt a

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Our hotel. The Capitol Hill, is just one block off Pennsylvania Avenue and a quick walk from the U.S. Capitol,