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rubbing. In extreme cases prompt relief may often be ob-

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some ordinary large mononuclear leucocytes, and an occasional giant

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Licensed in any State. An Equal Employment Opportunity

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the proper bounds of federal action,” Dr. Beddingfield said.

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tendants should approach the diseased. 12. Before hand-

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There is no wrist-drop. All movements of the fingers, hands and

does savella cause high blood sugar

a very small quantity, or, indeed, no pigment, and then segmenting in

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counteracted by warm water injections, and weakness by

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in tertian and quartan fever, which, particularly in the former, may

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Judicial Council, members of the Grievance Committee, the Delegates to the American Medical Association and their

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might be as great as before, the system might become satu-

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-ains in each toaspoonful one grain of the iron tions) per lOO 1.25

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Association after the adjournment of the House of Dele-

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hundred yards, tlie fire and life suddenly giving place tc

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broken back or loias, or it may be reflex from disordered

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projection of the skin, which, however, is freely movable and unin-

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salt, molasses and croton,) stimulants (ginger, carbonate of

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or fi'acture of the cranial bones ; plugging of the vessels

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understand all the conditions which underlie latent infection.

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There are two kinds : hlood-suckers (Jwematopinus), with

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and sweet. The bowels must be kept easy by laxatives

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malaria pemidom cholerioa, and malaria pemidoaa alffida have been

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months of December, January, and February, only two cases begin-

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at which they are appointed. Appointments shall be made

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This is a curious dis'ease of unknown origin, existing in

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and literature, to any physician sending us 10c. in s^tanips or coin.

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heahng process will be greatly hastened by ingrafting thin

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parasite in active motion ; two large, extra-cellular, full-grown bodies, with actively

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