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dead in the field. There is first halting on a limb, then a

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Of first and greatest importance is the preventive treatment —

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general debility and a sore 1^. I am indebted to Dr. Osier for the

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otherwise there is likely to be too much tension. In about a week

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These may be found in little rounded tumors the size

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successfully i-esist the morbid germs, and the latter increase

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The community currently has three general practitioners (one

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which is doubtless explained, as pointed out by these observers, by

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ooDJUDCtioD^ of copulation. After joining together in this manner, a

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alternative delivery systems, quality care, unification, legislation to protect physicians, physician reimbursement, and

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life. Each would feed upon the other but for the vital re-

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patent and the portal vein is free. The contents of the small intestine

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an indolent, unhealthy sore. More commonly the fever

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tient being apparently in good condition, cations as in the other case. The womb,

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intestines. In the intestines, there are millions of bacteria working beneficially helping to digest the

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policies and program development. In addition, administration of

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all abraided surfaces. If we have chancroids or phagedenic sores to

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serves to reveal its true nature. Its cause being usually

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Dr. Robert W. Currie, former Indianapolis radiologist, an-

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characteristic clumps of typhoid bacilli upon section in each of the five

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upper portion of the small intestine is greatly distended. The blood

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tissue at their margins. In those from the latter a pure culture of

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senic is sometimes useful in horses. Fattening animals