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found containing plasmodia ; the leucocytes are still much pigmented."
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aged throughout by this most insidious and unrelenting
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no external metastatic abscesses. There noteworthy that this was always accom-
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His appetite was poor; he had considerable headache and, at times, nausea. He
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effort to furnish a clear, trustworthy and The subject is originally divided, as fol-
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F. Richard Walton, 311 Henry St., North Vernon 47265
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perhaps, digestion and assimilation, impair parent buys and brings them home? even
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periphery of the lobules, in this instance the pigment is situated in
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6061 South Willow Drive • Suite 230 • Englewood, Colorado 80111
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plete their course as a simple infection, by which is meant that the
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Community Hospital of Indianapolis, Inc., Indianapolis, Ind.
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scapular region there was feeble breathing, and on deep inspiration a
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sanatoria exist for the open air treatment nial osteophytes) the author regards in the
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the sweating stage, showed two or three large, extra-cellular pigmented organisms,
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bath after which he had a chill. Then, about the forty-fourth day
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scarcely any limit to their increase when the different ani-
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In past years the Board of Medical Examiners have given update reports to the CMS Board of Directors and the House
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merited discredit. To avoid this, and in the absence of the
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tion, in which condition even the sponging is rarely allowable, but in
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so many years cannot be easily displaced, ^p^e treatment of the changed condition
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truth of the statement of the immortal Haller, made
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the longitudinal sinus, is an area of brownish-black pigmentation
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into bone which binds the bony structures together and
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there may perhaps still be devised, in the future, other
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with the increasing number of the susceptible victims upon
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Clinical Appearance of Newborns with Respiratory Dis-
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rapidly, pour their depressing products onward through the
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dling of cows which were driven from herd to herd, and
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change again into the ovoid^ and then into a round shape, from which,
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paludism," a statement which has received abundant confirmation
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or in suspending or expelling him, shall have the right
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services under terms or conditions which tend to inter-
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13th to the 28th of December he had an irregular fever, touching
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Margaret A. Cleaves (AW' York Medi- as blood or epithelium, it is pathognomic
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briefly recorded here the histories of a num- amination, 70 per cent.
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