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Dr. Lattimore. — ^In Dr. Graham's paper in the discussion which

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The $97 renewal fee is for two years and includes a $30 assessment mandated by HBl 147, which establishes a fund that

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upon agar-agar and gelatine resembles colonies of typhoid bacilli.

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For additional information, contact the CMS Government Affairs Division at 779-5455 or l-8(X)-654-5653.

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lations with the contents of herpetic vesicles in cases of malarial fever.

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quarantine by the Connecticut authorities, but were

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tic and wash the hands in a weak solution of carbolic

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hospital at a reduced rate established by the Board of

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sterilized water should be applied on the operating table after the

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and to derange healthy processes by obstructing the flow of

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perature on admission was 103.5°, and for the first four days ranged

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certain number of cases. It was probably due to infection with the

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Anatomical Diagnosis. — Typhoid ulceration in ileum; perfora-

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through. This they could do in part through cellular digestion. It

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In the quartan fevers the parasites are nearly always to be seen in

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difficult matter to decide. We have observed flagellate bodies in all

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comminuted, abscesses may form or necrosis ensue, de-

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delegate to ISMA for many terms and was Speaker from 1973 to 1975.

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gocytic. They contain within their protoplasm, usually at the poles

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week, with high fever, rapid, feeble pulse, meteorism, and diarrhoea^

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within the latter. A consideration at the present time of such canni-

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Another section of the paper treats of the period of incubation of