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(814). Lacih. The Malarial Fevers of Kan. Med. 8bomik., Tiflis, 1893, no. 54,

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tonics and anti-ferments ; by a first attack ; by inducing a mild type of the

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gestion; impaction of some part cf the bowels; worms,

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The major advertised claim for substitution is reduced

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may be dilated by passing in a narrow-bladed, blunt-

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years ago — that, while methylene blue has a certain definite action

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As a tonic after GRIP, FERRO SALICYLATA will do more to-

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this disease, and for slaughter and dairy purposes as possi-

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"When new hay or grain, or heating agents like maize or

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gait, venous pulse, palpitations, weak tremulous heart

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prominent symptoms being the fever, accelerated pulse

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since did all the young ones gain entrance to red corpuscles and go on

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bodies and bruise the heel, as would a stone or a mass of

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(143). BiGNAMi. Nota sulla tecnica della preparazione dei tessuti per lo studio

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outbreak keep up the restriction, or remove the fowls to new

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ment of cattle until he gives bonds to abide by the law

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ancing himself on the hind, lifts both fore feet at once

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Bleeding fi-om the nose is rather rare in animals, an^

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A specific fever, rising in the low, malarious grounds of

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Thyro System” catalog may be obtained free of charge

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cysts, respectively about the size of a grain of barley, are

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island-continent lay in the grasp of the relentless pest.

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mental irr^ularities occasionally noticeable in the severer forms of

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These minute nodes may contain, besides lymphoid cells, single poly-

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by abrupt knocking and visible jerking of the abdomen

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