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sternum was examined with positive results, and in seven out of

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without discharge of blood from the natural openings of

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Streptococcus Pyogenes. The swelling and suppuration

sulfameth/trimethoprim 800/160 mg tb side effects

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superior qualities over the commercial salts. Each fluid drachm

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That part of the foot which is uncovered by the shoe is

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He has treated the subject systematically and concisely, giving

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alike as regards their frequency and the mortality and

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vaginal examinations during labor as the surgeon does in hav-

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reaching 104°. On the 14th it fell to normal. There was no diar-

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think we can safely say that Prof. Law has accomplished this task

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years on the value of the various new or- Whether iron compounds of the inorgan-

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red, thick, softened or even ulcerated. The protrusion

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effected by this remedy with greater facility in all skin affections

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nual meeting, in accordance with Chapter VII, Section

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(26). BiCHABD. Sur le parasite de la malaria. Compt. rend, des s^. de Facad.

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treatment is by bougies or probangs passed daily, begin-

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Salt of Formaldehyd) dissolved in Aqueous Extract of Corn Silk and

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is the relief from the acute stinging pain of inflammations and

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her in safety, with apparently firm contrac- is required, however, in not allowing the

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pulse seen in the jugular veins in the furrow near the

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ease already described, the suffering being extreme and

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water, should be well rubbed in around the throat as soon

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Dr. Wei-Ping Lob, Gary pathologist, has been selected for

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ceride. The former made it more difficult to clean the instrument;

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ulation or to substances set free from disintegrated red blood corpuscles.

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meanwhile gradually fell and her general condition improved. On

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table-lands. It attacks mainly lambs or sheep under 1|-

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Present, Evansville; Ralph Lewis Rea, Greenfield; John Joseph

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and why to use certain equipment. The book outlines com-

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11th. Very bad night; maoh yomiting; temperature sank to 98.6^ at 10 a. m.,

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(64). Mabaoliano. tiher die Besistenz der rothen Blutkorperchen. Berliner

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These vary in different countries, latitudes, seasons,

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Bone” and “Technic of Polytomography of the Temporal

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substances in the same proportions, but that as a matter of &ct the

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drooping of the head, and aboTO all the difficulty of back-

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says: "We have established, on the clearest principles of Ethics

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Kalindero,^^^ from 400 blood counts made in fiftieen cases, con-

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present to you. This, after sterilization, is introduced and opened

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burned or boiled, as they are necessarily important propa-

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death in this and allied conditions is due to a continuation of the