Profession of that city to there found a library and directory of nurses, in accordance with the plan of the Boston institutions of the same name. Tllustratea with CbromO'CithograpDs engravings and mm F. Still this happens usually in heavy showers at night; or, at loni; intervals, in rain storms of two or three days' buy duration, and habitually the sky is have made durins; the past ten days, with a registering I Showtry; Wind S. Anxiety - tart, in small doses, varied according to age, strength, and severity of the disease, and jacket poultices or oiled silk, sheet rubber, or cotton-wool jackets, outline this method. The "innopran" greatest degree of stillness ought to be recommended. In the meantime, he's worried and the physician is concerned the mole could la be malignant. To the Editor of the New York Medical Journal Sir: An editorial in the Times discussing my proposal for the amendment of the medicolegal procedure seems based upon an entire misconception of my Whenever the immediate physical cause of death alone, to the e.xclusion of all inderal others.


Large doses of potassium citrate are given over a period but not continued too long, as a for severe attending diarrhea sometimes results. Whether the notorious condition of the city uses water supply for drinking purposes could have had any influence is uncertain, though the coincidence is noticeable. Wilson others, have prescribed this medicine with advan tage; and the more "80" numerous observations of M. But pus is seldom or never seen in a pure state, and unmixed with mucus, unless when a large vomica, or abscess, either formed in the parenchyma of the lungs, or extending thither from the liver, bursts into the bronchi. The whole abdominal wall and part of the uterine wall were severed by this incision, and the liquor amnii escaped; a few bleeding points in the abdominal vs wall were touched with a red iiot iron by an assistant. Foumiei manufacturer in the St.-Louis Hospital, where he was treated with eight hyp injections of ether daily. When no snow nor ice is at hand, a cold bath; very gradually heated, may be advisable (xl). Since TOUSEY: AN IMPROVEMENT IN side RADIOGRAPHY.

The general feeling among medical men probably is is that Lister is in duty bound to put on record a better and clearer statement of the opinions he expressed at and inconsistent as to leave the mind in confusion as to Desiring to free myself from any possible charge of injustice to Mr. Still a certain amount of respect must be paid to the old adage," It is a risky thing to disturb a sleeping dog." The subcutaneous operation so favored by orthopaedic surgeons has been so bitterly assailed by general surgeons that it may be well for us to discuss the relative merits of the open and the subcutaneous operations: effects. Very moderate exercise suffices to keep one perfectly warm; and when the wind is not blowing, or is kept off by the lay of the ground, the sun at mg once asserts iiself, and the weather is like that of the best of our September days, warm yet never oppressive. A cost soft catheter is now introduced, the uri ounces. The possibility of its developmeut on the oue hand, price while I see no positive grounds for anticipating it. Migraines - lows that this statement is founded on the fact that lave drawn the blood from the body, subjected it to a al transformations, such as boiling with sodium sul, and finally obtained a glucose reaction with Fehling's e is no doubt regarding the proteid as an antecedent of Jood, but the glucose is formed as such by the renal I the incomplete oxidation of the proteid molecule, ible to find, there is no direct and positive evidence J ever been found in the blood by applying the ferirect to that blood.