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Bacillus of Sypliilis. — Short rods found in the syphilitic lesions. It

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the recumbent posture, he must have the upper portion of the body ele-

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This is an outline of the progress of the disease in a severe case of typhus

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IVrsons sick willi (his ft'vcr are now admitted into onrgonoral hospitals,


rarely directly fatal ; yet indirectly it frequently causes death. It is dan-

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and bind the arm to the side. This air-cushion may lift the head of

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The vessels of the pancreas and the cells of the acini may exhibit amy-

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within the skull, or pressure of fragments of the bone may involve some

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that improvement seems to be taking place, and the patient believes he

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fibres can only be determined by the other evidences of feeble heart power.

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On the twelfth or thirteenth day the pustule ruptures, and the contents