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Solis-Cohen, S., and Saundby : International Clinics (3), iv., 1894.
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by this form of acute nephritis is meant something different from the so-
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ance of the city at present, it would be a mistake to
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toward the close of an arthritic attack. Among youthful arthritics
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one? Is the cellar clean, dry, light and well ventilated? Is the plumb-
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the other hand are bound to lead to marked disturbances in the re-
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Ear or Labyrinth. II. — Diseases of the Ear: ^Deaf-
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There are two varieties of cataract, hard and soft. The only symp-
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Sometimes the body is wounded or burned, and such injuries are
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per cent, of all cases die. When cholera is epidemic, no case of
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Convalescence after febrile diseases in the obese also runs a
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water, if the patient is warm, should be sprinkled or poured over the
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heavt b incompetent and the arterial flow weak, the result is cortical and
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fers no or but inconsiderable inconveniences, perhaps only after active
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valve tliere is no lunula; the whole segment is thickened. This
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1. The reproduction of the rheumatic poison in the fibrous struc-
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second ureter, or the simiutaneous blockage of both, causes a form of anuria
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heart affection — and those occurring in persons of rheumatic consti-
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cystic diathesis is rather a disposition to failure to overcome moderate obstruc-
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and proportion. Its dimensions increase steadily. In thick trans-
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The Skin — its Anatomy, Functions and Diseases, 194
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Among diabetic sufferers we find a striking numl)er of scientists,
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rheumatic fever did not escape the notice of some of the older ob-
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cipitated within the urinary passages. Tlie failure of such inhibition
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be left out altogether since they have no special nutritive value. In the
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tion of the demonstration of the different states of combination into
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be thrown into the superficial blood vessels. Sometimes such a
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pain, intolerance of light, an increase of tears, and a dull or hazy con-
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and nourishing when properly cooked. The succulent vegetables
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Thrombosis of the renal artery may occur from trauma or from disease
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as Avet clothing, wet feet and currents of air when heated. They
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we may prevent its recurrence altogether. But we have no notion
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hood is comparatively rare. Yet occasionally it is seen in measles, German
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of emaciation is rapid, great weakness is observed and collapse comes
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college grounds, at Tenth Avenue and Sixtieth street.
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the favorite with those whose habits or recollections
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mentations reinforced with turpentine, mustard, oil of sassafras, and