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CuRLEY, C. P., Acting Assistant Surgeoti. Granted twenty-
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Philadelphia, Pa., and ordered to command the Solace.
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(Section in Otology) ; New York Society of Dermatol-
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sible, unless there are positive indications for it.
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pidity m.ay exist in a mild form, but in the writer's
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zontal line represented the plane of the photographic plate.
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heated to 100° C. and allowed to cool, is less dan-
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a size possible to be inhaled or swallowed have been
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brought under the (first) notice of that august sci-
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distance back of the external auditory meatus, giv-
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The president is Dr. C. F. K. Murray, the vice-president
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yet because the first patients were discharged only
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find that Columna would identify digitalis with the
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at Ellis Island that the statements required of the
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cardia, and albuminuria. He had been under fairly active
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Brooklyn, 13.31; Queens, 13.57; Richmond. 18.68. There
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ern Therapeutics," the report of Matthiolus (already
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tended slightly at the two extremities of the fold between
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celebrated its first centennial of existence. One of
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A second strip is then spread over the first, and so
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jejunal walls. One gallstone only, as large as an acorn,
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distinctly, perhaps, by noticing the transit of the