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fluid. All kinds of splashing and gurgling sounds may be heard in
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first place, but aggravate it when it has already occurred. Women
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eases. By Alexander Hamilton Rowe, M.D. London: 1865.
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emotion. We are compelled therefore to admit that the disturbances
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ance of the skin of the ai-ms. The colour of the skin
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Fig. 4.— Hypertrophy (or Dilatation) of the Right Ventricle; Pulsation at the Epigastrium.
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to a right diagnosis. I have always, during the many
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insufficient attention to retrograde metamorphosis.
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CoDBlNGTON, StatT-.\ssistant-Surgeon 0-, to be Assistant-Surgeon
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head of the row, conti^ous to the pigsties and privy;
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solely by the presence of the acarus scabiei in the epi-
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Railway arrangements for meeting of Association, 92;
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services, as well as the law respecting the sanitary
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— acetate of lead— had been tried without any success
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in a greater or less degree according to the amount
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d the individual. When death follows the inhalation
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The head is slightly inclined, as though absorbed in
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tetanus has hitherto been directed towards an alle-
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ing, as I trust he will long enjoy, the meetings of the
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pression of the right parietal bone, from the fall on
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tition, foUicular enteritis, or infantile cholera, fre-
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each in its own mode — must be applied to all the
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thus be overlooked. The frequency of chronic endocarditis is vari-
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Qe, at South Petherwin, near I.auuceston, aged 32, on Aug, 21.
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Edb (late of King's Collese, J-oncloii i, PROFESSIONAL
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(a) Hypertrophy from Mechanical Irritation of the Vagus. — Where
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monly used, composed of water-gruel, boiled up with
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mixture of iodide of lead, with the oxide and chloride
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25 — 30 per minute. He had no headache : was rest-
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we must, in justice to ourselves and to Mr. Spencer
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patient. He said this was a modification of Hodge's
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accurate as possible, it is certainly desirable that every case of Cancer which may occur
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Pais, Surgeon G.. Royal Artillery, to be Surgeon 11th Hussars, rice
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physiology, and pathology, he dwelt briefly on the ad-
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cattle-curing in this coimtry, admits, in the Times,
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vessel ; it was rather less in the blue glass ; was very
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Czarewitch at Nice was 1.5,000 /ran«, and not, as has
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genital malformation of the heart with the appearance of six incisor