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a mitosis. Lymphocytes are absent. In a few follicles a slight desquamation

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Joint Statement of the American Thoracic Society American

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istered might have been assumed that they should prove even as

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Mr. Bryant speaking of adeno sarcoma said that these

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often called moth camphor among the clothes has the effect of

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their parasites some of the si reams which empty into the Ottawa are

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Colic the in horfes moft frequent caufes of Symptom

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The Superintendents of the Insane The following officers

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gatekeeper doctor is to assume that such patients have

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John Rose Cormack and the Hon. Alan Herbert for the cordial

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shilling per gallon can be obtained by persons who are favourably

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one part of commercial formalin which is a forty per

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The beginner who adopts Mr. Tait s method will be sadly disappointed.

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forts and those of several other Assemblymen the bill

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Mr. Beck s speech. The statements he has made are most en

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Health for the meteorological table which is made up of observatious care

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but when the tubercular masses are taken from a freshly

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not astringent while the aqueous solution which ougdit to be produced

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saints and other learned physicians of the lineage of the Medicine Buddha

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tion there are far greater difficulties to surmount than were

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empty stomach it was less likely to occur. The pow

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which improved it slightly. After its return it was seen and

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Associate Member whose dues are waived because of fi

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of our philosophy. The science of life must receive his un

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The following cases of two sisters in Hanwell Asylum are of interest

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Cold water combats the influence of alcohol stupor nausea spinning

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carefully attended to and during fevers the mouth should be washed two or

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shun all mental irritation and every outburst of passion or ex

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Breschet et al. De I influence du systeme nerveux sur

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the most opposite feelings and desires and if self reproaches

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effect of such treatment is sometimes exemplified in a remarkable degree when it

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uncommon situation the curve of the teeth or the shape of the tongue

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they ire not novel. The earliest records of surgery contain ac

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its price etc. are taken into consideration the fact

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jections proved efficacious in the treatment of puer

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tee structure and recommend changes to make it better