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sickness and retching. The abdomen was greatly distended and tym-
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and improvement was noticed on the day following this ope-
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sion be gone on witli with all reasonable speed, and that
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attacks of opponents and the insults which are spared to no
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sidering the insanitary state of their surroundings. This
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than its predecessor. The change of quality in these in-
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House-Surgeon. Salary, £-^r> vfn' auuuui, with board atjd lodt^ing.
liave done nothing, therefore the County Council have rightly performed
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obtained. The process whereby substances are thus discharged
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porary cholera hospitals. The measure was read a first time.
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normal salary is £7tiO. a reduction of £26 55, 2d. , .^ - ^ j-
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one of the leading ones of the day, being founded by Sir
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the rich person could have, and, as far as he could intluence
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No science, more often than medicine, has gone through
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employed under identical conditions, using their protoplasmic
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The number of patients in the hospital on Saturday last was
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but not urgent dyspnoea. The abscess over the sterno-
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phori to tlie doctors was donbiless the same as tli at of the scholar to the
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proteid and the isomeric molecules of the food proteid, water
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member for East Sonierset on February 2nd. He then stated that he
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grated the odour of carbolic acid is well marked. That the
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flexing the tliigh forcibly it could be replaced in the acetabular
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Maeallum, using alcohol-hardened tissues, soaked them for
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Gazette, conducted by the students of the medical school. It
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Case I, where the soft tissues underwent marked retraction,
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has been regular almost every month since then. She felt
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bv its side at birth may after a time be able to raise the hand
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naeeting of the British Medical Association will be arranged
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was wrongly united." Perhaps after tliis it is not surprising
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