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ning, December 6th, the programme included the following

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Differential Diagnosis. The two diseases with which iritis

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feeling of weakness, yawning, dizziness, colic, and

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habitually kept a careful record, uniform in style,

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it, he has little if any chance to resist a return to

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ference between the countries in the relative number

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been obtained from the department of home affairs for

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that fluids injected into the rectum were carried to

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ber in 1909, there were 398,597 deaths, or 54.4 per cent,

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the auspices of the Section ix\ Obstetrics and Gyncecology.

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natural to expect that various rontgenologists place

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was injected into the external saphenous vein in the

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light of the operating room, the bullet could not be seen

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harder work of agricultural and textile industries,

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cases in the ambulance while rushing to the hospital

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the probable effect of a contemplated balneological

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in pregnancy and thyreoid disease. The chief cells have

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constitution ,and others were afflicted with a defi-

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ages of venereal diseases ; yet the opponents of the

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Eighteen months ago initial lesion of the left tonsil, fol-

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variety either of matter, or of the form of things. Mottl-

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are frequently found to do. The first syllable rep-

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necessary to begin by boring through with the finger,

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research department of the Board of Health, Dr. Hermann