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We have not been able to work out the physiologic mechanism of the
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Stern, F. Ueber positive Wassermannreaktion bei nichtluischen Hirner-
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in vesicles. There may be a stage of papulovesicle preceding
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admit that there is no relation between the degree of hyperinosis and the
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was good, she looked badly. April 21, she complained of feeling wretch-
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of a dog was ligated near its termination. The abdomen was
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the pain up|M>urH several hours after nieids, and is relieved by food; the
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whole side with maximum intensity in the fourth interspace,
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method of estimation. Normal values are of the order of 0-1 mgm. of
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Andre'-Thomas, muscular hypotonus is rare in cerebellar cases, while asthenia
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Stimulation of the peripheral cut end of one pelvic nerve causes a powerful
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had not, I flatter myself the frequency, and success of its intro-
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by Lett in 1909 and of another reported by Wendell in the Annals of
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the eyes open and will become less often necessary when more
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amounts such as 3 per cent, to 30 per cent, greatly impede proliferation. At
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frequently introduced, and " is withdrawn after each operation,
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with the known effect of carbohydrate in reducing the amount of ketone
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Briihl (Diss, aus d. patli. Inst., Freiburg i. B., 1892-4), was a child of
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confident that all the boys had previously suffered from malaria, a disease
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by connective tissue in which are many giant cells. After 4| months the
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kidney.] Beitr. z. path. Anat. u. z. allg. Path., 1921, 68, 22.
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a man, 37 years of age, who was admitted to hospital in 1909 with
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defined in the electrocardiograms of three experiments and consist
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in 30 per cent, of the adenoids and in 17 per cent, of the tonsils examined.
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After the section is reduced it is rinsed in 5 per cent, sodium hyposulphite
nitrofurantoin moo mac 100 mg caps
possibility of such an action taking place within the bowel, where
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anifinn pi^ctoris and pwudo-angitia, organic heart, pulmonary' tuberculosis,
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coagulation time is delayed. There is here a quantitative lack of throm-
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made in the duodenum. The junction was augmented with an omental flap.
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dizziness was the initial symptom-coin jjlex in a couple of cases;
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epidemic cerebrospinal meningitis, tuberculous meningitis, brain
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antitoxic action. The demonstration of a cure for pneumonia has