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its merits, and after he has diagnosed relapsing fever, as he will no
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condition, even if not markedly hyperaemic, is abnormal and variable.
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ber of granules in a cell may diminish, and at the same time neighbour-
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(3) Since the action of the curative serum is specific, we cannot
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and that during the first quarter of the year, which ranks second as
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acter of the evidence on which certain conditions have been regarded as
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without, may produce that precise number of vibrations within, which
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the commonest form, being a lesion of the simple glottic sound and not
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marked that the number of insects is much smaller than the number of
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direction of interstitial changes and nuclear proliferation, associated
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tive lesions by means of the injection of serum derived from protected
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milliamperes are indicated on the galvanometer. The electrode is kept
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paraesthesia disappear or lessen, as well as the lancinating pains ; the in-
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injury of a vascular area is to be found in what I believe to be Coats'
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forms of vibrio. Accordingly, we find that it is not possible, in the labora-
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mucinogenous material, renders it probable that what mucin is formed
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iu subdividing the several manipulations with great subtlety, and some
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puddings made from bread and rusk, are to be preferred, as less purely
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purgings, which are associated with high febrile excitement. Diarrhoea,
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inflamed, or even in a suppurative condition. The spleen is frequently
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features of a district have not been observed to have any special in-
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sun out of doors by a pith hat and a cotton pad let into the coat over
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treated aseptically, there is little harm in the patient remaining in the
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Coosnmption, 3— nrnrasmus, 9— rheumatism, 1— croup, 1— typhus fever, 3— flts, 1— chnlem Influi'
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rally contra-indicated ; a single stone, but voluminous and hard, quantity
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different organs and functions, their power of adaptation and resistance,
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youth, they have escaped the parental tendency ; whereas if they would
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stupor: if these symptoms are associated with subcutaneous and internal
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The chemical constitution of the waters alone is not sufficient for
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in 2 or 2J per cent of the cases. Red patches appear on the skin, and
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Chronic Interstitial Nephritis. — The best diet in these cases is that
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(the similarity being recognized) that the same person saw the former,
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