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words about the Brand system. To-day, when I hear a young girl say
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with the common mushroom. It grows very often among
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as above indicated, an alkaline remedy, such as sodium bicarbonate,
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The bone surface at the end is too small for good weight-ltearing,
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place in the amphitheatre of the Jefferson clinic. There was
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England it is four-tenths of a gallon per capita per year, and
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the site of nearly half the amputations of the lower extremity
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cases of lobular or lobar pneumonia. Other forms of pleurisy also occur,
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furnished alone, although it will doubtless be conceded that never in
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the neuralgias. Every day the number grows who class it
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lower temperature produces contraction, which is evidenced by its
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Now, as to the difference in mortality between the two
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word as " Unsanitary." Why. then, do medical officers of health
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points of impact of the cold water and is aided by the freedom of the
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on animals, must prove of great value in the practical conception of
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appearance, manner of culture, growth, etc. with the bacillus diphtheria,
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amount of sputum between two cover-glasses, then sliding them apart.
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oxygen was subject to changes depending upon the temperature of the
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mouth to prevent its being washed out by the gushing water. When
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Moreover, the irritation of the cutaneous nerve endings by the sudden
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I\, to which a level teaspoonful of salt or bicarbonate of sodium has been
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States, but will probably see them frequently when we run
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did badly as he grew up towards matured manhood, and the
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bounding upward after its depression. No fever can resist the cold
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circumscribed elevation of the superficial layer of the epidermis in con-
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a staphylococcus. Twelve cultured cases showed seven staphylo-
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take your whiskey straight, not as a cocktail. The sugar in
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the true champagne district cannot supply grapes sufficient
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•rigorously executing the plan of three-hourly bathing so long as the
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dent from the following reportj of a discussion of cold baths. Dr.
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work, for prolonged response to the hot bath may weaken the reflex
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For this reason it is best in elderly or otherwise feeble persons to
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not single. The outer shell of the souari nut is very hard,
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much of it, from their environment and from the great quan-
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the patient was weak and run down, I have seen very trouble-
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lieu of bed or sofa. By laying the upper edge of the board upon a
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masses are in reality capillaries filled Avith micrococci, which are derived
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