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Trumbull (New London, Connecticut), and is distant only one and a half de-
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seems to forget that one oi the articles of his diet, not to mention
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in arriving at an accurate knowledge of the temperature at
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are often insuffioieixtly clothed and made to lie on the ground^
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the most marked variety. For let it be remembered, that if any appreci-
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With near Two Hundred and Fifty Wood Cuts, in One Volume, 8vo.
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metabolize a far greater ration of meat than a factory
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6. Case of Suppression of Urine, fatal on the thirteenth day. Dr.
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" 6. That evidence be no longer required of complete separation
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action; whilst in the latter, not only is the geological structure of secondary
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7. When ramollissement of the brain occurs, in connection with disease of
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bends" or caisson disease is usually caused by too rapid
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the examination of a supposed case of insanity. He contends
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and when all technicalities, which took their rise in old and
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! many years, of the fever at Edinburgh, as well as from the history of epi-
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tokens which draw forth approbation from the younger reader; " long and dry"
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as to the author. It appears in the 5th vol. of that journal, from a German one,
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sympathetic nervous system which presides over .the
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of the latter atTection, such as violent pain, burning heat, &c., on going to stool.
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"Neuralgia of the heart" is a vulgar name for angina
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Lawson is not clear. In one place he says that ^' sympathetic
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the Southern Literary Journal, to point out to our fellow-citizens the happy fact
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1848, 24 females to 14 males; in 1849, 24 to 10; in 1850, 89 to 21; in 1851,
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Kterally ravage a race of people infected for the first time.
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Having completed my observations respecting the organs contained
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added to them the amyloid degeneration, and in this way
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the inflammatory etages have quite subsided, this must be
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The history of the case and the limitation of the afiPection for the
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special medical registration for the fraction of deaths at present
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round granules is hardly correct. A sublimate, consisting of round
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the proper motor fibres. In order that decisive results should be
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mg in check the convulsions^ but must be used with great
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beneath the pectoral muscle> and it resisted all the ordinary
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licentious, and extravagant. After a while a stage of
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be not, or only very imperfectly heard, the disease is probably
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meters. These two facts together are conclusive against the existence of the
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of death which may be considered to be of predominant im-
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ordinary, nor indeed the most frequent, mode of its production"
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morbid appearances in the apparatus of the sympathetic nerve, of the ab-
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by the state of nutrition induced by the section. None of Mr.
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tioners whose line of practice has not made them familiar with
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quarter of an hour. In the evening she was intoxicated, but, never-