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is opened, and then an incision is made from it into the bowel ; (3) the
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this is impossible, or the evidence may be only sufficient to warrant a
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10 minims of oil of turpentine in capsules, or 1 to 3 grs. of ergo tin in
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varying from half an inch to one and a half inches in diameter, and
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LeClerCy (M) his method of inveftigating the Qualities of the
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from recent experience in Hong Kong, it is less in Europeans than in
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the site of the proposed drainage is well infiltrated down to the
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10 minims of liquor morphinse hydrochloratis. In other cases, cocaine acts
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The temperature rises quickly, and within twenty-four hours from the onset,
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tissues of the body, approximately .3 gm. per pound
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interest and activity in the administration of the Medical Faculty
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est resemblance to the normal or undistorted foot. Until the
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pair of glasses at an emporium and ''manage' to read with them. It is
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the past year cannot fail to increase not only the reputation of the staff of the
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delirium tremens than women, but women are more liable to alcoholic
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culent plants then in vigorous vegetation. Plants at
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many years. A year to eighteen months is perhaps the average duration.
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farther than he, with regard to certain aspects of the movements of the
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We propose first to say a few words concerning some of the medicinal
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and fi/igollatcs are not always, or even generally, present ; in fact, they are
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on the part of the ])atient. the inclusion of all the recpiisite vitamins
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thirft. About four in the afternoon, they fhould be
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merly chief medical insjiector of schools in Toronto, has been ap-
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2. In about 20% of cases for some unknown reason the oral method
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Dr. A. C. Singleton of the Department of Radiology. He adapted the
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ounces of oil rubbed in with the yolk of an egg, and
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when the liver is slowly destroyed by cirrhosis, it is not surprising that the