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of sanatoria for consumptives in certain villages in Germany,"' I will

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was bettered. Little by little the patient got better, and recovered

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Hawaii Medical Association since 1962 and has served in a

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methods, and, from an examination of a large number of skulls of various

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We physicians share a good many “medical” jokes with each

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of the salicylates, some recommending them as harmless palliatives,

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rounded by a zone of tubercle tissue or by a dense fibrous capsule.

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shrunken cells, and a peripheral zone of pus cells. The alveolar

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She had to get the largest-sized stockings, and " take in " the feet.

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Rupture of the Pancreas.— Hapra reports the following case in the Med-

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This is another advantage of treating the patients in a sanatorium

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solute poverty so much as the ignorance of many of these people

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229. Chappell : Laryngeal Tuberculosis at the Loomis Sanitarium. New York

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sette" is worn, made on the same principle as the undergarment, but

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