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rib, texts on operative surgery should be consulted.
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and in older persons four weeks, when they may be gotten up on
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occur directly from the heart-lesion. Of these fifteen cases, sudden death
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ward, the foot is everted, while the inner malleolus is prominent and a
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is very rare and it is maintained by some to never occur. It is usually
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Dorsalis Pedis. — This artery extends from a point midway between
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Morbid Anatomy. — The kidney is intensely hyperaemic, softer than nor-
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On the ])leura covering the sunerllcial nodules an exudation of ])lastic
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4. Extension may be made from the body with counter-extension by
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to this list, but it has had so slight a trial that nothing can be said pro or
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ering of the tonsils fibrous trabecula? enclose numerous groups of lymph-fol-
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not exceed two and one-half feet, and it would seem that the contagious
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are seen studding the free edges of the valve and even extending into the
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there will be a murmur indicating obstruction in the left ventricle. If the
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tion of vapor of ammonia. Many asthmatics find immediate but temporary
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ditions are such as to predispose to a dislocation, as a rent in the cap-
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sues, they grow the wrong way. This would not explain some of the
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of the bladder often give rise to an abdominal tumor reaching as high as.
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tic than normal. The process begins in the lower lobes and then becomes
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should be placed in the axilla. A strip of adhesive plaster of sufficient
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pupils become contracted, the eyes suffused, the countenance assumes a dull
cases may die suddenly from heart failure or syncope. The majority waste
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grain doses of pancreatin taken two hours after eating. This also prevents
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These symptoms are accompanied by the physical signs of slight consolida-