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identical bodily conditions, in proportion to the size of his purse.

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perspirations" (Scudamore) . It is evident that this fluctuating course

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employed avoids every possibility of introducing syphilis, or any-

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elevated and the space about the bowl is left open, which secures

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groups of vesicles begin to form about the size of a pin's head which

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of pain in the loins accompanied by hsematuria without gravel or cal-

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and tissues must be looked upon as contributing to the total yield of the

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ca, — author of a standard work on female surgery, — a monument

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the variations in the amount of febrile disturbance appear to be inde-

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3. The Nervous Constitution of the Patient. — It is not unlikely that

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is not attended by inflammation. Colic causes pain of this kind

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h. If the signs of ansemia are noticeable in infants at the breast or

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ness of its proceedings. In 1886 it received an en-

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one of the most efficient agents for the relief of suffering. It is most

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great reserve concerning the exact relation existing between the two

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the nitrogenous substances, could not be properly digested, and gave

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the slight functional capacity of the muscular apparatus, whose ex-

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The increased secretion of sweat lias been already referred to. It

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permitted. Exposure, getting wet, getting the feet wet, or taking

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numbers, and when suppuration occurs in the kidneys or any other portion

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milk may be substituted for 50 grams of bread. Many patients are

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Friday, March i ith, at the residence of Dr. Delafield,

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cases they have not been found, and in others they have only been present at

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tween the ribs. The heart is crowded away from its place and the

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less extensive adhesions are formed between its two layers. Where

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tain in which even with normal nutrition there is economy and

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nervous forces, is it any wonder that sickness or departure from

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scribed form and considerable length, the candidates

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lost flesh rapidly and failed in streng-th; to these symptoms were

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these two forms closer together. Zimmerlin noted a type in which

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furniture as formerly, because it has been learned at last that all

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of half the strength is sufficient. Its use should be continued for at

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not so serious as hydrophobia, is, to say the least, bad enough.


treme, the child lingers, looking like a living skeleton, and these

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are the natural guardians of our Alma Mater ; it is

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was the earliest recognized example of a synthetic process in the animal body.

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December 12tli, 1877 : Present attack commenced four days ago