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may separate from the shafts. In one of my cases an old cicatrix
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cause of symptoms of precordial distress, dyspnea, and palpitation,
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branes; it produces a hard racking cough, which shakes the body, and
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Fibers from the two tracts pass to the homologous sides of both retinge ;
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those who bathe frequently in the African rivers, in many of which it
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bones, muscles, the heart, and blood-vessels are involved with uncertain
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some cases of hydatid disease of the liver have lasted for more than ten
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forms of Bright's disease, and there is little or no sediment. A very
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tightly gripped, though gentle pressure soon causes it to relax. After
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epiglottidean folds. It is usual to note also redness and swelling of the
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during hypertrophic cirrhosis the organ is found enlarged (sometimes
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though not always to a like degree. At first the legs are flexed, but later
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also appear on the skin-surface, and particularly on the fingers and
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after the founding of the New England Female Medical College,
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the part of the patient. The pain is often radiating, or of a rending or
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chiefly in the lumbar region, though the hypogastrium. genitals, and
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wines, combined with the neurotic temperament, uric acid is alloAved to
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in that in the former the incisors are inclined forward and cause slight
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Diagfnosis. — From nephritis passive renal congestion may be differ-
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gressive and leakage from the tube occurs, the symptoms are
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of the diseases and conditions which it accompanies.
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as twenty in number, pin-head to split-pea in size, inside the lips, espe-
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ataxia, and may be also in syphilis. Accommodation and convergence
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attack, with malaise, fever, muscular pains, anorexia, chills, and possibly
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(h) Proliferative Peritonitis. — "• The essential anatomic feature is great
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of the organ is indicated ; this depression may be occasioned by various
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Ktiology. — The morbid changes above described are caused by a
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the members, but every one who attended the Institute. He had a warm
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or absence of the thyroid gland, or an enlargement by the groTvth of
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rule — the condition calls for supportive measures. The diet should not
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rickets in infancy usually fall short of the average stature on reaching
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notable and lasting contribution to surgery." — Journal of the American Medical Association.
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often very difiicult, and a careful examination of the whole body should
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Most frequently there is a troublesome dragging pain, or a sense of
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tion of the cord, it would seem important that our efforts should
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the fifth interspace in front, and less frequently in the third and fourth