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and the respirations become sighing in character. During this stage the
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food of any kind ; pulse soft and compressible ; bowels constipnted;
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VII), and they were inoculated into the abdominal cavity of guinea
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made more complete by the very discrepancies as they may at first sight appear.
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some disgusting, or, to him, terrifying notice, pictur-
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In 1 day (Rabbit 19), on the other hand, the left adrenal contained if anything,
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obtained during the normal heart beat. In only one experiment
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has typhoid fever or some other infectious disease.
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cious anmmia, for simple ancemia, BrigM's and cardiac disease.
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tinue during a space of fifteen months, when remittent fever pre?
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studded with well-defined nodules of sclerotic tissue which have given it
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the headache there is vomiting and dizziness. Delirium and disturbance
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Progress. — The first injection of 16 mg. was given on Jan. 19, 1915. On Jan.
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Other forms of arrested development often accompany spina-bifida.
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the insertion of the pedicle is not very high, the threads may be
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blow, uttering the epileptic cry. In the fit, which is of short duration, the
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when pure articles of the same kind may be obtained, is highly cuU
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John Francis Sullivan, B. A., Yale, '99, P. & S., N. Y., '94,
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in man by the clothing which his ingenuity nas furnished. At every
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cur in nervous people, with hysteria and after acute febrile diseases. It is
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no injury to the constitution can possibly occur from