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* Since the above account was in type, we have seen the patient; and find that this
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the convex side I have but little doubt ; through the proximal one, the
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Von Graefe, Professor, death of, 121; faneral of, 146;
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the blood vessels in the head during the first year or two of life. The brain, it
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of gray fibres in the peripheral portion of the ganglionic system, while
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respectively. They may be recognised by their being accompanied by more
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ent, and gentle traction. Velpeau notices, however, that when the uterus is
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interfere with union by the first intention. In his case, the sutures were
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companied with pain in the head and epigastric region, and diarrhcea. I
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+ The total number of districts in England and Wales where the acreage .and
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believe last year has been the worst year we have ever had, worse than the year before. In
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The patient now returned home, and four months after (January 24, 1835,)
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which, in my opinion, there is no evidence whatever. Mr. Howship has stated,
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" Various names are employed to designate these effusions. When the fluid
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sets in about the tenth day, and forms one of the most fatal sequelae of
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and thin chicken broth was allowed for nourishment.
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Case. 3. Albert Victor, aged 15, affected with strabismus of the left eye since
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out the whole frame, and to maintain an equilibrium in the circulation, that
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jnasiae. By Thomas Barbour, M. D., of La Grange, Alabama.
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objects for a time appeared to her double. The second attack left her
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tenure of office in, 44 ; naval, dispensaries 94 ; work of
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characters, but also in many other points of its history. Thus, whilst
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nancy. — The No. of Guy^s Hospital Reports, for April last, contains an account
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referred to, by suggesting that certain additional duties should be per-
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and especially for his successful management of the
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in, 39; of Royal Collese of Surgeons, suggestions lor
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the Poor-law Medical Service of England. The testimonial presented