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jointly and severally, promise the Hospital to pay to the Tr«a8urer

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apparatus, but it has been in aH respects most satisfac-

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David Duncan, who died on the 26th of January, at Cannes,

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The officers and Council for 1871 are — President: Dr. Day, Stafford.

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moved once during the night; pulse 112, rather full, but not hard; coun-

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intermission, that the chief remedies should be directed to secure a perma-

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able wholly to defray the expen.se of their residence at

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five had improved, sixteen were unimproved, and fif-

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the late Mr. Lowe, said to be suffering from disease of the bladder. The

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it appears to me to come to this: in England, under your system, you

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Wood's Hair Restorative, 3.08; 6, Hair Restorer of America, 3.2S;

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gliomata, 404 ; sarcoma, ib; cancer, \h.; cysticercus

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tinue their course on the same side of the spinal cord, it would be expected that,

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to the constitution of the patient, and the intensity of the disease; 2d, to pre-

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diseases, that '' no sound therapeutics can exist without an accurate knowledge

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and many interesting suggestions relating to the pro-

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and T think the matter might be put in this way, as an evidence of good faith on the part of

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the young practitioner at heart — the welfare of the student of medicine. He was always

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renal secretion or diminish the circulation, the following recijie has been

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of difficulty and danger ; they are frequently left lying about the wards,

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Both these Journals are devoted, the first chiefly and the second exclusively,

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hope it will. Then I cannot help observing that on such questions as the relation

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founded, and obviously proceeding from one common source, concerning the

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of atony, and, as the wound in the perineum closed rapidly, required

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Being desirous to present lo our readers a tolerably full outline of that

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fibres and also the fine transverse lines, may be seen here, as well as in raw

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think it not unlikely that, in the present case, the eyes had temporarily lost the

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the case in the thigh, it is difficult, without giving an oblique direction to the

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right thigh was vei7 obliquely fractured about the middle third ; the


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all, but under the Revised Statutes of Ontario, chapter 176, clause 15. I move that the

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satisfaction of the Professorial Board. You have had conferred on you

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Combe, I can say, that the map to which he refers is, also, that which we have,

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mania, two from paralysis, and one from inflnmination of the